LeadTrax: Lead Management Evolved

Lead management evolved.

Collect, qualify and assign all your leads within a single, customized solution.

LeadTrax helps you direct the entire lead management process from acquisition to close. Built-in automation allows you to eliminate mundane tasks and focus on strategies to close more business.

We have years of experience helping top real estate firms leverage technology to streamline the lead management process. LeadTrax is a proven system that helps you transform leads into sales.

Manage Leads

Manage all your leads with a single, powerful solution.

LeadTrax brings all your leads together within a single solution so you can easily track your sources. No effort is wasted: LeadTrax integrates your existing database with your new leads.

Assign Leads

Qualify, rank and assign the right leads to the right agents.

Neither agents nor leads are created equal. With LeadTrax you can easily match an agent with a lead or business partner and incubate "tire kickers" for future follow-ups.

Track Agents

Track agent response times and on-going follow-ups.

Our Automation Engine allows you to customize and automate follow-ups so agents remain accountable to the leads you assign them. No more guessing where your best leads should go!

Create Reports

Create reports that help you close more business.

Create custom reports to monitor leads you're receiving, assigning, responding to and closing. Track which sources are profitable and which agents deliver the most closings.

Learn firsthand how the right solution will transform the way you do business.


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